This degree takes you deeper into the wonderful world of Reiki. This is one further attunement to connect you to the energy and to the power of the symbols used in this level that were instilled already at level one. These symbols, intensify the power of Reiki, enabling you to practice healing on others, including animals and plants. They also give you the gift of being able to heal those who are not present (distant healing) and healing on the emotional/mental level


As well as learning the symbols, you will learn several methods of distant healing, all about the healing response, further Japanese Reiki techniques, symbology, scanning, hands positions for treating others and the various ways of applying Reiki, amongst many other topics


At reiki level two you are encouriged to begin your own reiki business as you can now charge for your services

Additional comprehensive information manual.

You will also be taught about the practicalities of setting up a professional practice. After the course you will be encouraged to present three cases to show that you have developed a deep understanding of the Reiki process and of working with others. If you wish to actively use Reiki in the lives of others or simply deepen your ability for self healing, then this course is for you