Visit Regulus Reiki for a consultation and reiki session


Sessions last about an hour

we focus on ascertaining and releasing energetic blocks

To encourage younger persons into reiki, session prices are divided by age by £1 per year; upto £40


Regulus Reiki recomends an adequate level of hydration before attending a reiki session.
(you may need to become familliar with 'the water cure')

Attendance should be prompt but we understand lifes inevitabilities so please do not rush to a session but kindly make Regulus Reiki aware if you cannot attend

Lunch can be provided if you require back to back sessions in one day; however all foods supplied will be vegan & gluten/starch free. Specific food provisions such as fresh green coconuts can be arranged further to additional notice and cost. Please use the contact form

We recommend an easy evening further to receiving reiki and ideally arrange a sanctimonious space in your home adequate for you to return to in comfort