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Five Amber Pendant necklace on vegan wax cord
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This Five Amber pendant exudes joy, protection and well being.

About Amber:

The two main sources of amber on the market today are the Baltic states and the Dominican Republic.

In general the sunny energy is used to transmute negative energy.
To cheer you up and help open you up to your divine blueprint.
It is said to help draw sickness from the body and negativity from the
emotional energy.

Amber brings good luck.
Due to the fact that amber is a fossil, is has associations with time, cycles
and longevity. As it once was a living substance, it is related to Akasha. This is what is commonly called "The Fifth Element", which governs and binds together earth, air, fire and water, and in a sense it the ultimate source of those elements. Akasha is also symbolic of life and living things; plants, animals and humans alike.

Energy : Projective.
Element : Fire, Akasha.
Deity : The Great Mother.
Archangel : Uriel
Powers : Luck, healing, strength, protection, beauty, love. ; Soothing to the nerves and the spirit, as well as imparting a sense of protection, amber jewellery is appropriate to wear at any time.


Use amber to increase the strength of spells and to attract money. Added to the altar it will increase the strength of your magical spells.

Ambroid (amber pressed into forms) dark red gold : calms fears and helps one keep an intellectual outlook.


Clear, dark red : will contain or destroy negative emotions; calms.

Clear golden brown : sharp intellectual focus; clears metal confusion; balances the sixth chakra.

Milky golden: same as clear, but with much more inspirational energy.

Sea Amber (or burnite, solid, dark golden brown): helps one stay neutral and
realistic in difficult situations, balances the fifth chakra.


Cleanse amber under lukewarm water, when you notice that it warms ever so slowly when you wear it or hold it. Negative energy can make amber cloudy. Never leave amber in the sun as it may become brittle.

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