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Amber & Jet adjustable necklace with upcycled headphone magnet
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These unique pieces of amber and jet jewellry apitomise the most benevolent of etherial energies and style.

Adjoining the amber and jet is powerful magnet upcycled from broken headphones.
Magnet can be copper wrapped for negative blood types.


About Amber:

The two main sources of amber on the market today are the Baltic states and the Dominican Republic.

In general the sunny energy is used to transmute negative energy.
To cheer you up and help open you up to your divine blueprint.
It is said to help draw sickness from the body and negativity from the
emotional energy.

Amber brings good luck.
Due to the fact that amber is a fossil, is has associations with time, cycles
and longevity. As it once was a living substance, it is related to Akasha. This is what is commonly called "The Fifth Element", which governs and binds together earth, air, fire and water, and in a sense it the ultimate source of those elements. Akasha is also symbolic of life and living things; plants, animals and humans alike.

Energy : Projective.
Element : Fire, Akasha.
Deity : The Great Mother.
Archangel : Uriel
Powers : Luck, healing, strength, protection, beauty, love. ; Soothing to the nerves and the spirit, as well as imparting a sense of protection, amber jewellery is appropriate to wear at any time.


Use amber to increase the strength of spells and to attract money. Added to the altar it will increase the strength of your magical spells.

Ambroid (amber pressed into forms) dark red gold : calms fears and helps one keep an intellectual outlook.


Clear, dark red : will contain or destroy negative emotions; calms.

Clear golden brown : sharp intellectual focus; clears metal confusion; balances the sixth chakra.

Milky golden: same as clear, but with much more inspirational energy.

Sea Amber (or burnite, solid, dark golden brown): helps one stay neutral and
realistic in difficult situations, balances the fifth chakra.


Cleanse amber under lukewarm water, when you notice that it warms ever so slowly when you wear it or hold it. Negative energy can make amber cloudy. Never leave amber in the sun as it may become brittle.



About Jet:
Jet, sometimes known as a Lignite, has an organic origin having been created through decaying wood under extreme pressure. The wood comes from a family of Araucariaceae trees which are an ancient group of cone-bearing trees that existed during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. It has been used in history as far back as 10,000 B.C. with a carving of a larva discovered near the Venuses of Petersfel. The finest specimens are found on England’s northeast coast, and the Roman Empire used to import it from York.


Metaphysical Properties of Jet:

Jet is a stone for Old Souls, those individuals who are born with an innate wisdom and common sense that transcends their actual age. However, it also helps cultivate these traits in the Young Souls, those who are still at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Jet offers protection during psychic travel and spiritual rituals, and can be used to keep the Dark Forces at bay. It awakens the Kundalini serpent and Shakti energy, and encourages this fiery power to move upward towards the crown and lead us to Enlightenment. It helps us to recognize our own unique brand of magic and to use it for the benefit of both our spiritual and earthly life.


Emotional Healing Properties

Jet is an exceptional grounding stone which also lifts us up emotionally. It draws out negative energy that has gotten stuck in our emotional body and also helps us to work through any confusing emotions we are struggling with. Jet helps us to look calmly at our own fears and to assess whether or not those fears have any basis in reality. If they are deemed “real” fears, then Jet helps us to see a clear path forward, so we know can plan our response if the worst comes to pass. Jet is traditionally used for mourning and can offer comfort after the death of a loved one. It encourages us to see what lessons we can learn from every experience, both those which are happy and those which are less than ideal.

Mental Healing Properties

Jet encourages us to step into our personal power and take control of our own life. It helps us to honestly assess ourselves and our actions, and to acknowledge our shortcomings and celebrate our gifts. Jet encourages us to stop trying to cultivate “self-esteem” which requires constant successes in order to be maintained, and instead cultivate “self-kindness” which imbues us with grace and dignity, regardless of life’s ups and downs. Jet stabilizes finances and reminds us to save more money, for rainy days as well as for sunny ones!

Physical Healing Properties

Jet is recommended when we are feeling physically ill partially due to emotional situations.  For example, if we are sick and weak from grief or if our immune system is overstimulated because of stress.  Jet helps us to work through the emotional issues gently and thoroughly so that our physical body can return to its normal state of wellbeing. If we frequently suffer from headaches or stomach cramping, Jet helps us to explore our emotional and physical habits and see if there are reasonable adjustments that we can make.  It offers sweet grounding so that we don’t let our fears run away with us, imagining worst case scenarios or believing that pain is permanent.  Jet helps us to be sensible and to take good care of ourselves on all levels.


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