Receive a transmitted healing session from Regulus Reiki

This service is ideally following an in person consultation and reiki healing session but should this be a logistical nightmare then a photograph, telephone call and an item of personal significance through the post can suffice to assist the channeling of energy to your specific being

For distance healing you should not be driving, working machinery or focusing on anything as you will not only be unable to receive the full potential of healing but its actually significantly dangerous to yourself and those around you; who you may not be aware of. So rest, relax and enjoy for the set amount of time you have been allocated for your personal distance healing session, wherever you are

Distance healing sessions can happen at any time and last an hour, though set aside a bit more time than allocated firstly to settle in and then after to appreciate what has occured and to catch back up with yourself

The cost of a distance healing session is £30


To book a distance healing session with Regulus Reiki please use the contact page

If you have already received an in person healing session, maybe you would like to enquire about the discretionary group distance healing sessions of £5 a month; when on the first Sunday of every month at high noon, Regulus Reiki invites you to prepare a space for yourself in your home, work or countryside where you can tune into receiving the benevolent intentions of healing and alignment from Archangel of Regulus Raphael, ascended masters and all benevolently assistive forces, both subtle and strong