Becoming a Reiki master is a huge catalyst for a powerful, humbling and honest existance

Attunements 1, 2 and 3 are carried out with atleast six month between recieving each degree/attunement to allow energies to settle before the amplitude of energy conductance is further increased


Regulus Reiki recomends an adequate level of hydration before attending a reiki attunement sessions
(you may need to become familliar with 'the water cure')

Ideally an alkaline/alkalect vegan diet should be followed prior to the attunements; should you wish to be the best conduit of energy you can be


Attunement costs:
Level one attunement ~ £125
Level two practictioner attunement ~ £350

Level three master attunement ~ £340


Attendance should be prompt though we understand lifes inevitabilities so please do not rush to a session but kindly make Regulus Reiki aware of delays


All attunements are two cosecutitive day courses

Lunch can be provided; however all foods supplied will be vegan & gluten/starch free. Specific food provisions such as fresh green coconuts can be arranged further to additional notice and cost. Please use the contact form

Find out more about the levels/attunements/degrees of Usui Reiki by clicking on the attunemnt costs above

The community of reiki look forward to welcoming you