Meet Regulus Reiki for a consultation and reiki session at a location of your choosing or recommendation


Simply find a location where you would like your reiki session conducted and Regulus Reiki will meet you there at high noon/midday

You will need to find the unique three word location using 'what3words' to avoid any confusion


The beauty of this treatment is that you can remain in your secret sanctified space for as long as you wish and can return with or without Regulus Reiki to retune

Your own imagination is really the only limitation...

*...Regulus Reiki has been most affective in the sea and warm himalayan salt water pools...*


Further to sufficient notice, food and collection/return can be provided. Though Regulus Reiki cannot be responsible should you hurt yourself on the expedition or if we are unfortunately involved in an accident during transportation

Prices can vary drastically so get in touch through the contact  page and we can tailor something specific to you; wether it be catered reiki in the geothermal hotpools of Iceland or just at your local woods (~fyi; reiki in local woodlands/fields/gardens will be about £50 an hour, plus £1 a mile to get there)